Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Water Damage Restoration Experts

Above are two photos from a recent water loss, the entire house was affected, SERVPRO has trained and certified technicians to help in a disaster and leave you ... READ MORE

Flooded Rooms in your home

This photo shows what the floor looked like prior to the demolition that our technicians had to perform at this water loss. We will always try to dry materials ... READ MORE

Demolition in a home

This is a photo of a water loss that occurred that required quote a bit of demolition. As you can see here, the water not only affected the flooring but it also... READ MORE

Residential Water Damage

Removal of flooring that buckled due to water damage.

Residential Water Damage

Heavy rain in our area caused water to go into this finished basement.  

Residential Water Damage

Flooring removal in a residential water damage.

Residential Water Damage

This home had a water damage from a leaking water heater. The water went through the wall from the laundry room and in to the master bedroom.

Before and After pictures of a flooded basement

This was a basement that flooded during some very heave rain. The sump pump quit working just as the rain hit resulting in over 4 feet of water in the basement. READ MORE

Water Damage

It was late on a Friday night when we got the call for emergency water extraction in this Decatur home. When our technicians arrived on the scene, there was wat... READ MORE

Heavy Water Damage in Athens, AL

This hallway had heavy water damage as a result of a broken pipe. The family members had been out of town at the time of the damage, and by the time they had ca... READ MORE

Water Damage in the Bathroom

This Athens, AL home had water damage in their bathroom after a family member accidentally left bath water running. Our team came out and we were able to use ou... READ MORE

Hardwood floor damaged due to high humidity in Athens, AL

This customer had a problem that was causing their hardwood flooring to rot and fall apart. After meeting with the customer and surveying the damage, we found t... READ MORE

Burst Refrigerator Water Supply Line in Anderson, AL

It was late on a Friday night when we got the call for emergency water extraction in this Limestone County home. When our technicians arrived on the scene, ther... READ MORE

Hardwood floor cupping in Athens, AL

This water damage in Athens, AL was caused by a leaking pipe under the sink. Notice how the edges of the planks are raised due to the water causing the wood to ... READ MORE

Water Damage From Storm

This ceiling damage shown in the before picture was the result of a wind blowing the roof off of this home. We were able to respond quickly, to prevent further ... READ MORE