Recent Before & After Photos

Water Damage to flooring in kitchen

These are before and after pictures of flooring that was removed from a kitchen that had a water loss. This flooring was not able to be dried and therefore had ... READ MORE

Damaged hardwood flooring

We always like to restore instead of replace but in this case, the only option was to remove the wood flooring in the living room of this home. We only remove t... READ MORE

Water Damage to flooring

Taking care of water on flooring quickly could mean the difference between restoring or replacing. We acted quickly at this home and because of that, the floori... READ MORE

Why you should call SERVPRO for a water damage

These photos are from a water damage that we were called to. The entire home was affected and we ended up having to take out all of the flooring and most of the... READ MORE

Storm Damage

Photos of more storm damage. Remember:

If you have storm damage, call us at (256) 233-4033

Storm Damage

These pictures are after a storm in which parts of a tree ended up in the kitchen of this home. The home was cleaned up quickly. If you have storm damage, give ... READ MORE

Storm Damage

Tropical storms ofter damage vacant homes severely because they are not secured against hurricane force winds. Groundwater is contaminated with debris and patho... READ MORE

Storm Damage

These pictures are from a severe storm that ripped through Houston, TX. If you or someone you know has damage from a storm, we are here to help. Call us at (256... READ MORE

Storm Damage

These pictures are from a home that was flooded during a storm in Houston, TX. The sheet rock walls were damaged so severely that it was not able to be saved. S... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in a basement

This mold damage occurred due to a leaking toilet in this home. The water was leaking in the basement for some time before it was discovered. Every mold infesta... READ MORE