Recent Before & After Photos

Flooded house

This house was flooded due to a torrential rain storm.  Flood damage requires a professional restoration company. Poorly done water removal p... READ MORE

Storm Travel

These pictures are from when our team traveled to Houston, Texas to aid in flood cleanup. We have had some of our teams travel to assist other SERVPRO fran... READ MORE

Frozen pipe in Athens Al

A frozen pipe caused this water damage in Ardmore, Alabama during a winter storm. To avoid frozen pipes, follow these tips:Check around your home or business fo... READ MORE

Garage Fire in Athens, AL

A kerosene heater started this garage fire in Athens, Al. Our trained employees were on site in a matter of hours to start the restoration process.  The fi... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage

A sprinkler system froze and burst above an office at a Rogersville plant causing this water damage. Flooding and water damage events at  commercial proper... READ MORE

Garage Fire in Athens, AL

These are pictures of a garage fire in Athens , Al. The leading cause of garage fires is electrical malfunction. This may be due to shorts in wires, damaged wir... READ MORE

Basement Mold

This Athens family discovered extensive microbial growth in their basement, due to a water damage. Believe it or not, mold problems like this can be mitigated w... READ MORE

Water damage in church Athens, AL

A frozen water supply line in the attic of this church caused extensive damage to the walls and ceilings. Our crews were dispatched to this loss and immediately... READ MORE

Mold in Bathroom from leaking pipe in Athens, AL

This bathroom mold problem was caused by a leaking drain pipe from the washing machine. Our customer was doing some renovations and noticed that the flooring an... READ MORE

Hardwood floor damaged due to high humidity in Athens, AL

This customer had a problem that was causing their hardwood flooring to rot and fall apart. After meeting with the customer and surveying the damage, we found t... READ MORE